For the love of research and crafting experiences


Current Position: UX Researcher & Strategist at Draper (Engineering R&D Lab in Cambridge, MA)

I have been working in the intersection of design, tech, business, and research for the past 5 years. My main love is research and strategy. I'm curious about what makes people tick and interpreting that to inform product directions, organizational policies and focus, and experience design. 

I am a logistics powerhouse and love to make studies happen, whether in-person laboratory studies or online mechanical turk HITs. I participate from study design, recruiting, moderating sessions, analysis, and finally in presentations to stakeholders.

I combine my background in experimental psych, contextual inquiry, ethnography, field studies, usability and user-centric methods (usability testing, paper prototyping), and behavioral economics. I focus on questions first, methods second, and then use my project management abilities to make it happen, all while mentoring junior researchers and designers who are looking to learn good principles.

I work on a variety of projects which have involved multimodal signal design, behavior modeling for adaptive software design, organizational culture + change, enterprise software, conops mission planning software, and more. I do my best to make a meaningful impact every day.


  • C. E. Harriott, S. Garver, M. Cunha. (2017) A Motivation for Co-Adaptive Human Robot Interaction (link) - Paper for International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 2017
  • S. Garver, C. E. Harriott, K. Chauncey, M. Cunha. (2017) Co-adaptive Relationships with Creative Tasks (link) - LBR and Presentation at HRI 2017 in Vienna, Austria
  • S. Hall, R. Champoux, S. Garver, C. E. Harriott. (2018) Designing the user experience of a co-adaptive data analytics interface in response to user trait (link) - Workshop Paper and Presentation at CHIIR 2018 (WEPIR Workshop - Workshop on Evaluation of Personalisation in Information Retrieval)
  • P. Bovard, K. Sprehn, M. Cunha, J. Chun, S. Kim, J. Schwartz, S. Garver, A. Dey (2018) Multi-modal interruptions in a context based framework- Paper for Human Computer Interaction International (HCII) 2018
Sara Garver


MS in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University 2017

MBA in Strategy & Entrepreneurship from Simmons College  2012

BA in Art & Urban Studies from University of Virginia 2009