Human Computer Interaction (HCI) & Cognitive & Behavioral Understanding at Draper

I work in the intersections of design, tech, business, and research. I am exceptional in making studies happen, whether in-person laboratory studies or online mechanical turk HITs. I combine my learnings from experimental psych, ethnography, other field studies, usability and user-centric methods, and behavioral economics.

I am pursuing HCI, combining the technical, design, neurobiological and cognitive connections in my work and hobbies. I'm finishing up my M.S. in Human Factors in Information Design at Bentley in May 2017 and am looking for opportunities.

I have worked on a variety of projects which have involved multimodal signal design and behavior modeling for software usage. I continue to make an impact every day and love working on projects with large questions which need answers.


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MS in Human Factors in Information Design


MBA in Strategy & Entrepreneurship      


University of Virginia BA in Art & Urban Studies